Commercial and Supermarket Refrigeration Case Cleaning

We are the best-suited company in the UK to provide refrigeration cleaning services to the commercial and industrial sectors, including supermarkets and retailers.

We specialize in comprehensive solutions for refrigeration case cleaning in both horizontal and vertical refrigeration cabinets. All our operatives are trained to enable a deep clean process of individual cases, as well as removing honeycombs, back panels, shelving base plates and plinths in the correct manner – in order to access core areas of the refrigeration unit itself.

A typical case cleaning for commercial chillers or freezers would initially involve de-icing and the removal of debris from all evaporators. The drainage system would then be flushed through, which includes the removal of gel from pipework and condensate trays. Drain pads would be left in the drainage flow to assist in breaking down slime, as well as prevent residue from building up. Interior panels care cleaned using chemicals, steam and jet washers.

As it’s crucial for refrigeration systems to meet their design set temperatures, all our operatives are trained to use various temperature monitoring systems and are able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 

Supermarket Refrigeration Case Cleaning

We’ve worked with leading blue-chip supermarket retailers throughout the UK and have provided extensive customer service support to meet their evolving requirements. Due to the nature of supermarket refrigeration systems, we’ve been involved in designing comprehensive maintenance solutions – coordinating the delivery of these to ensure uninterrupted trading.

We take into account the following store frustrations and limitations to reduce downtime and prevent the interruption of trading:

  • Impact on store resources
  • Cold room storage
  • Cold chain life cycle
  • Reduced working areas
  • Store hand back times & replenishment process