Carbon Reduction

Providing actionable frameworks for energy efficiency

In our 15 years, we’ve gained an in-depth knowledge of how buildings work from a service user’s point of view. This provides us with a unique perspective on how and why energy is used, and often wasted, in large facilities. This understanding enables us to reliably save on energy-related costs for our clients, every time.

We achieve savings in all areas, allowing us to over £1.5m in cost, over 2 million kWh of energy, 400,000 KG of CO₂, and 500 tonnes of waste collected, with 0% going to landfill, for just one client.

It’s estimated that HVAC systems account for around 40% of worldwide carbon emissions. We have unique expertise in optimising HVAC systems, allowing us to reduce their energy consumption by up to 30%.

Our innovation in reducing carbon is a factor in everything we do, from sustainable landscape design, where we turn beauty spots into carbon-neutral or carbon positive areas, to construction consultancy, helping reduce our carbon footprint, which typically accounts for almost 50% of carbon emissions in construction projects.

We achieve these energy and cost savings through methods including:

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